Accession Number : AD0277529


Corporate Author : TEXAS UNIV AUSTIN

Personal Author(s) : JONAS,RONALD W.

Report Date : JUN 1962

Pagination or Media Count : 1

Abstract : The System is composed of the programs needed for utility and production functions and the Control Program, CP, which coordinates their operating activities. CP receives its instructions from a sequential list of operations which is keypunched as a control deck and loaded on a Control Tape. The list of control operations may be designed to produce any desired relationship between programs within the System. CP is composed of two main segments: he Compiler and the Interpreter. The Compiler reads from the Control Tape and compiles a stored System Program. When the System Program has been formed, the Control Tape is no longer required. At this point the Interpreter takes control. The latter operates the stored System Program and records its operational history. All other progr ms of the System, called subprograms, act as subroutines in the System Program and their input-output activities are supervised by CP. (Author)


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