Accession Number : AD0286010

Title :   Final Report.


Personal Author(s) : GELLER,K.N.

Report Date : JUN 1962

Pagination or Media Count : 1

Abstract : This report includes: SYSTEM FOR ENERGY CONTROL AND ABSOLUTE CALIBRATION OF A23 MEV BETATRON. by K. N. Geller. FINE STRUCTURE IN THE PHOTONEUTRON CROSS SECTIONS OF OXYGEN AND CARBON. by K. N. Geller and E. G. Muirhead. The theoretical and technical features of a system used to determine and control the operating energy of a 23 Mev betatron are described. By observing the variation in orbit radius as a function of magnet excitation, we are able to predict the shape of the calibration curve to maximum operating energy. Although an absolute calibration of the predicted energy scale is possible, the present calibration is empirical and based on only the 16.22 Mev resonance in the 0-16 (gamma, n) 0-15 reaction. Photoneutron threshold energies based on the present energy scale are in good agreement with accepted values. (Author)


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