Accession Number : AD0291853


Corporate Author : LOUISVILLE UNIV KY

Personal Author(s) : WESTPHAL,ULRICH F.

Report Date : 15 DEC 1962

Pagination or Media Count : 1

Abstract : Studies on Sprague-Dawle rats have shown that the high-affinity corticosteroid-binding activity of serum increases after adrenalectomy or hypophysectromy. This increa e becomes apparent etween the first and sec nd day after adrenalectomy, goes up to approximately twice the normal binding activity and remains at this level for at least 3 weeks. Injection of large doses of corticosterone into the adrenalectomized rat decreases the corticosteroid-binding activity to the same low level as observed in n rmal rat after injection of the same dose of corticosterone. A species-specificity was demonstrated: the binding protein in rat ser m was found to bind corticosterone more firmly than cortisol, whereas the opposite relationship was observe for human transcortin. Electrophoretic studies showed the corticosteroid-binding protein in rat serum to be an alpha globulin. (Author)


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