Accession Number : AD0356274

Title :   Air Shock Pressure-Time VS Distance,


Personal Author(s) : Rollosson, G. W.

Report Date : APR 1953

Pagination or Media Count : 74

Abstract : Air-pressure measurements on Operation Ivy were unique in two respects: Detonation of the first superbomb on Mike shot presented an opportunity to verify experimentally the applicability of the W1/3 scaling law at larger yields than ever before; on King shot it was possible to observe simultaneously the development of the shock waveform over land and over water. Measurements on Mike shot were successful, with the exception that no overpressure data were obtained at pressure levels greater than 20 psi. Analysis of results dnew several conclusions; the most important were (1) the scaling law is apparently valid for radiochemical (RC) yields as great as 10 Mt. (2) overpressures from Mike shot are evidently in agreement with the assumption that the overpressures to be expected from a yield, W, burst at the surface of a perfect reflector, are the same as would be observed from a yield of 2W, burst in free air. (3) agreement of the results from both Mike and King shots with those predicted from height-of-burst chart published in TM 23-200 justifies extension of this chart to yields of the order of 500 Kt. Appendix A describes semiquantitative measurements of shock symmetry. (Author)


Subject Categories : Nuclear Physics & Elementary Particle Physics
      Nuclear Weapons

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