Accession Number : AD0532165

Title :   Preliminary Feasibility Study of a Red Eye Cluster for the Nike Hercules Warhead.

Descriptive Note : Technical memo.,


Personal Author(s) : Adolf,Frank H.

Report Date : JAN 1959

Pagination or Media Count : 28

Abstract : An investigation was made of the information available on the Red Eye Missile and the possible use of a number of these missiles as a Cluster in the Nike Hercules warhead. It was found that up to 56 submissiles could be placed in the warhead, however, effective use of all the submissiles is based on using a modified IR seeker in the nose of the Nike Hercules missile. When the modified nose seeker with a range of view of + or -40 deg acquires the target, it orients all submissile seekers (+ or -2 deg view angle) toward the target before the submissiles are launched. By orienting all missiles each one may acquire the target rather than only those missiles which are on the target side of the prime missile. The alternate system would place the modified seeker in the nose of each submissile to permit scanning the seeker view angle in a + or -40 deg cone angle after release from the Nike Hercules warhead. The normal lead angle for the Nike on an intercept approach, including 90 deg attack, remains within the seeker limits. (Author)

Descriptors :   (*Guided missile warheads, Scientific research) (U) *Surface to air missiles, *Cluster warheads, Submunitions, Kill probabilities, Low altitude, Infrared homing, Costs, Modification, Feasibility studies, Shoulder launched weapons, Guided missile launchers, Payload, Velocity, Range(Distance), Surface launching, Meteorological data, Accuracy

Subject Categories : Guided Missile Warheads and Fuzes
      Surface-launched Guided Missiles

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