Accession Number : AD0769720

Title :   Simulation Study of the Effects of Frost upon Highway Pavements and Supporting Ground (Etude en Simulation des Effets du Gel sur les Structures Routieres et Leurs Sols Supports),


Personal Author(s) : Philippe,A. ; Aguirre-Puente,J. ; Bertouille,H.

Report Date : AUG 1973

Pagination or Media Count : 31

Abstract : A station designed for studying the behavior upon freezing and thawing of highway pavement constructions and their foundations of soils which break up upon freezing was built at Caen so as to provide a connection between laboratory studies and observations made under natural conditions. The installation built consisted of an insulated hangar constructed above a trench in which was placed a mass of soil which breaks up upon freezing; on top of the latter, the highway pavements to be studied were laid. The installation included the apparatus necessary to obtain data on heat and mass transfer in the pavements and foundation soil as well as on the mechanical behavior of the pavements. The report describes in detail the results, in the first two sets of experiments, related to the performance of the installation, the conditions of frost-front propagation, and the displacements of the pavement surfaces caused by freezing. (Author)

Descriptors :   (*Roads, Frost heave), Foundations(Structures), Stability, Freezing, Thawing, Heat transfer, Mass transfer, Pavements, France, Translations

Subject Categories : Soil Mechanics
      Civil Engineering

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