Accession Number : AD0769788

Title :   Vestibulo-Ocular Responses in Man During Sleep,


Personal Author(s) : Jones,G. Melvill ; Sugie,N.

Report Date : 28 JUN 1971

Pagination or Media Count : 12

Abstract : The vestibulo-ocular response of human subjects to prolonged oscillatory rotational stimulation has been investigated during various stages of sleep and arousal. Five stages of oculomotor response are described as follows: Stage 1: Awake and alert but with eyes shut yields normal compensatory nystagmus. Stage II: Drowsy or light sleep radically changes the response to one which is devoid of sharp saccades and is 90-180 deg phase shifted relative to that required for compensation. Stage III: A deeper level of sleep abolishes any correlated response, leaving only large, uncorrelated wandering eye movements. Stage IV: Subsequently the original correlated response, but without saccades, returns, superimposed on wandering eye movements. Stage V: In deep sleep all responses virtually disappear.

Descriptors :   (*Sleep, Response(Biology)), (*Vestibular apparatus, Sleep), (*Eye, Sleep), Neurology, Physiology, Humans, Oscillation, Rotation, Cats, Experimental data

Subject Categories : Anatomy and Physiology

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