Accession Number : AD0770068

Title :   Chemistry of Photopolymer Light Sensitive Systems Relevant to Radar and Other Displays.

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Personal Author(s) : Margerum,J. David

Report Date : JUL 1973

Pagination or Media Count : 70

Abstract : Investigations are reported on the inhibition, initiation and propagation of dye-sensitized polymerization reactions related to rapid access recording processes. Four interrelated areas were studied: (1) THE PHOTOCHEMICAL FORMATION OF ACI-NITRO INTERMEDIATES AND THEIR REACTIONS AS INHIBITORS AND REDUCING AGENTS; (2) the reactivity of substituted benzenesulfinic acid salts as photopolymerization catalysts; (3) the effects of monomer structure and reaction conditions on the rate and character of photopolymer image formation; (4) the effects of amorphous 'dry' films on dye-sensitized photopolymer processes. This research is pertinent to rapid access recording analysis, and display techniques for radar signals and for holography. Related company research in these areas and on their photographic applications are also summarized. Major research topics include: THE PHOTODECARBOXYLATION OF NITROPHENYLACETATE IONS; THE PHOTOCHROMISM OF BENZOATE IONS WITH NITROBENZYL STRUCTURES; THE REACTIONS OF ACI-NITRO ANIONS; THE MECHANISM OF THE DYE-SENSITIZED POLYMERIZATION OF ACRYLAMIDE; METHYLENE BLUE TRIPLET REACTION RATES WITH P-SUBSTITUTED BENZENESULFINATE IONS; Michael-type ionic addition reaction rates of o-and p- substituted benzenesulfinates to acrylic monomers; thermal sensitization and desensitization effects in photopolymerizable barium acrylate solutions; dye-sensitized photopolymerications in glassy metal acrylate films; compositions and recording techniques for photopolymer holography; rapid-access imaging and display with photopolymerization systems. (Author-PL)

Descriptors :   *Polymerization, *Photochemical reactions, *Photosensitivity, *Photographic recording systems, Free radicals, Dyes, Catalysts, Images, Inhibition, Photolysis, Photochromism, Holograms

Subject Categories : Radiation and Nuclear Chemistry

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