Accession Number : AD0773441

Title :   Wrap-Around-Fin (WAF) Pressure Distribution,


Personal Author(s) : Holmes,John E.

Report Date : 01 OCT 1973

Pagination or Media Count : 117

Abstract : The principal difference between a wrap around fin and a planar fin is that the WAF exhibits an induced rolling moment at zero degree angle of attack, while a straight fin has none. The Naval Ordnance Laboratory, along with other members of The Technical Cooperation Program, initiated a joint investigation into the causes of the induced roll moment. Measurements of the pressure distribution over both the convex and concave sides of a WAF showed that the primary difference in pressure across the fin occurred immediately behind the leading edge with the pressure on the convex side apparently being affected more by the curvature than that on the concave side. In general, for a WAF with fixed curvature, it appeared that the physical characteristic which would have the most effect on changing the roll moment would be the fin cross-sectional profile, especially the leading-edge profile. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Guided missiles, *Projectiles, *Fins, Roll, Damping, Magnus effect, Aerodynamic forces, Pressure, Distribution

Subject Categories : Armor

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