Accession Number : AD0774641

Title :   Synthesis and Crystal Chemistry of Oxysulfides with the Garnet Structure,


Personal Author(s) : Neurgaonkar,R. R. ; White,William B.

Report Date : 30 AUG 1973

Pagination or Media Count : 32

Abstract : In a search for new ternary materials with potential suitability for 10.6 micrometer window applications, the sulfur analogs of the garnet structure were investigated. Pure sulfur end-member garnets cannot be synthesized under ambient pressures. A series of oxysulfide garnets with sulfur to oxygen ratios of 7.5/4.5 were discovered. These have the general formula (Ln3(VIII)Me2(VI)Me3(IV)O4.5S7.5) where Ln is any rare earth except La(3+) and Me is a variety of 2+, 3+, and 4+ transition metal ions plus Mg(2+) and Ga(3+). A total of more than 40 compounds have been synthesized and are characterized by x-ray diffraction data. IR spectra of selected garnets indicate that the highest frequency transverse optic mode lies in the range of 470/cm. Complex spectra from two garnets indicate the possibility of anion ordering. (Modified author abstract)

Descriptors :   *Laser materials, *Infrared windows, *Sulfoxides, *Crystal structure, Synthesis(Chemistry), Rare earth compounds, Iron compounds, Sulfur compounds, Oxygen compounds, Chromium compounds, Manganese compounds, Cobalt compounds, Rhodium compounds, Indium compounds, Titanium compounds, Magnesium compounds, Germanium compounds, Antimony compounds, Aluminum compounds, Zirconium compounds, Yttrium compounds, Tin compounds, Tungsten compounds, Molybdenum compounds, Platinum compounds, Palladium compounds, Infrared spectra, X ray diffraction, Carbon dioxide lasers

Subject Categories : Lasers and Masers
      Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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