Accession Number : AD0774767

Title :   MACSYMA Reference Manual. Version 6,


Personal Author(s) : Bogen,Richard A.

Report Date : JAN 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 144

Abstract : MACSYMA (Project MAC's SYmbolic MAnipulation System) is a large computer program developed by the Mathlab group of Project MAC's Automatic Programming Division. It is written in LISP (Mn1) and runs under the ITS time sharing system (Ea1) on a DEC PDP-10 computer at Project MAC, MIT. MACSYMA has capabilities for manipulating algebraic expressions involving numbers, variables, and functions. It can differentiate, integrate, take limits, solve equations, factor polynomials, expand functions in power series, plot curves, etc. In addition there are facilities for manipulating lists, subscripted variables, equations, and matrices with many of the usual operations on them being available. The user can also create his own functions and he can extend existing functions and operators. This manual is intended to be a complete reference to the principal features of MACSYMA as of the date shown on the cover.

Descriptors :   *Computer programming, *Instruction manuals, Mathematical analysis

Subject Categories : Numerical Mathematics
      Computer Programming and Software

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