Accession Number : AD0776042

Title :   Observations of Galactic Carbon Monoxide Emission at 2.6 Millimeters.

Descriptive Note : Rept. for Jan 72-Oct 73,


Personal Author(s) : Wilson,William J. ; Schwartz,P. R. ; Epstein,Eugene E. ; Johnson,Walter A. ; Etcheverry,Robert D.

Report Date : 25 FEB 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 42

Abstract : A wide variety of galactic sources have been observed at 2.6 mm (115271.2 MHz) to determine the extent and strength of interstellar 12C16O. Extended regions of CO emission were found in the direction of 32 HII regions and five supernova remnants. The CO emission was found to be larger in spatial extent than the 6-cm continuum HII emission and CO emission maxima appear to be related to continuum emission peaks and infrared sources in several sources. Except near optically dark nebulae, little CO emission was detected away from the galactic plane. Radial velocities of the CO emission are within 10/kms of the OH, HII (109 alpha), and H2CO velocities measured by other observers for the same sources. 13C16O was also measured in many of the stronger sources. The optical depths calculated for 12C16O range between 20 and 120, assuming the terrestrial value of 1/89 for the ratio of 13C/12C. For excitation temperatures in the range 10 to 50K, the calculated projected densities range from 10 to the 18th power to 2.5 x 10 to the 19th power molecules/sq cm. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Radio sources(Astronomy), *Carbon monoxide, *Interstellar matter, Microwaves, Tables(Data)

Subject Categories : Astrophysics

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