Accession Number : AD0776788

Title :   A Simple Multi-Channel Spike Height Discriminator,


Personal Author(s) : Freeman,John A.

Report Date : 1971

Pagination or Media Count : 13

Abstract : In many types of electrophysiological experiments the activities of two or more neurons are recorded with a single microelectrode, and it is often desired to be able to study quantitatively the responses of each neuron individually. Several criteria can be used to distinguish between different units, e.g., spike height, rise time, duration, or wave shape. The difference in spike height is the most readily apparent characteristic by which two different neurons having roughly similar temporal firing patterns can be distinguished, and is the easiest to measure electronically. It is the purpose of the paper to present a simple, reliable and inexpensive spike height discriminator which uses off-the-shelf digital integrated circuitry, can be easily assembled, and can be extended to include as many separate spike channels as desired.

Descriptors :   *Electrophysiology, *Waveforms, *Discriminators, Spikes, Nerves, Response(Biology), Frequency, Bioinstrumentation

Subject Categories : Biomedical Instrumentation and Bioengineering

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