Accession Number : AD0777889

Title :   Simulator Tests of Pilotage Error in Area Navigation with Vertical Guidance: Effects of Descent Angle and Display Scale Factor.

Descriptive Note : Final rept. Nov 72-Oct 73 on Phase 3,


Personal Author(s) : VanderKolk,Richard J. ; Roscoe,Stanley N.

Report Date : OCT 1973

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Abstract : Previous RNAV and VNAV flight and simulation experiments in this series, specifically the VNAV flight experiment documented in FAA Report RD-72-126, suggested this study in which environmental and flight variables were systematically controlled to permit precise assessment of the effects on pilotage error of variations in vertical descent angle and vertical guidance display scale factor for each of two pilot groups representing different experience levels. Resulting flight profiles were less complex than those previously employed in that no course changes were required, thereby reducing the need for communications and inflight planning by the pilot. Experimental values of pilotage error were compared statistically after first being separated into transient and steady-state portions for each flight segment to allow compariosn with corresponding steady-state values assumed in FAA AC 90-95 and RTCA DO-152. Pilot performance was measured in terms of altitude, crosstrack, airspeed, and procedural errors and information processing rate on an independent side task. (Modified author abstract)

Descriptors :   *Navigational aids, *Vertical orientation, *Pilots, Performance(Human), Errors, Descent, Display systems, Human factors engineering, Flight simulators

Subject Categories : Human Factors Engineering & Man Machine System

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