Accession Number : AD0779286

Title :   Proposed Test to Determine Optimum Use of Alectos in Seeding Cumulus Clouds,


Personal Author(s) : Todd,Clem J.

Report Date : 23 JUL 1965

Pagination or Media Count : 5

Abstract : It has been hypothesized that the 16 or so Alectos per cloud, called for in the Project Stormfury operational plan, may be more than required for overseeding cumulus clouds. It is important in planning for future use of Alectos, to find out how few are required to transform a supercooled convective cloud into an ice cloud. Two types of treatment are proposed, each would be conducted at three or four levels of dosage, if time, Alecto supply, and available clouds allow. The first treatment would be to seed through the cloud top in the manner prescribed for Project Stormfury. The second would be to seed from the minimum height that sould allow the Alectos to burn out before they reach the sea. Each seeding treatment should be performed at a dosage of 1, 3, 9, and possibly 16 Alectos.

Descriptors :   *Cloud seeding, *Cumulus clouds, Test methods, Diffusion, Ice, Crystals, Freezing, Nucleation, Supercooling, Chemicals, Naval operations

Subject Categories : Meteorology

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