Accession Number : AD0781709

Title :   The Microbial Degradation of Aromatic Petroleum Products.

Descriptive Note : Annual rept. no. 1, 25 Jun 73-24 Jun 74,


Personal Author(s) : Gibson,David T.

Report Date : 24 JUN 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 70

Abstract : It is the purpose of this contract to investigate the mechanisms used by soil bacteria to oxidize, ortho-, meta- and para-xylene. The progress report describes significant accomplishments including: The isolation of a strain (Pxy) of Pseudomonas that will oxidize p- and m-xylene to carbon dioxide and water; The isolation of a mutant strain of the above organism that accumulates p-toluic acid from p-xylene; The isolation of a second mutant strain that accumulates 3- and 4-methylcatechol from m- and p-xylene; The elucidation of the metabolic sequences used by Pseudomonas pxy to degrade p- and m-xylene to aliphatic products; The isolation and identification of intermediates in the metabolism; The isolation of the first bacterium reported to grow with o-xylene as the sole source of carbon and energy; and, Identification of 3,4-dimethylcatechol as an intermediate in o-xylene metabolism.

Descriptors :   *Xylenes, *Pseudomonas, *Metabolism, *Oxidation, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Reaction kinetics, Biodeterioration, Soils, Bacteria

Subject Categories : Biochemistry

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