Accession Number : AD0783346

Title :   Origin of Activation Effects of Acetonitrile and Mercury in Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Formic Acid,


Personal Author(s) : Angerstein-Kozlowska,H. ; MacDougall,B. ; Conway,B. E.

Report Date : 11 DEC 1972

Pagination or Media Count : 13

Abstract : In the presence of catalyst poisons such as acetonitrile or mercury, it is shown that the currents for formic acid oxidation, measured in the potential range +0.4 to +0.8V E(H) at Pt can be substantially increased. The effect is shown to originate from blocking of the surface at less positive potentials mainly in the H adsorption/desorption region where an inhibitor for the main formic acid oxidation reaction is normally formed in the absence of additive. Under the latter conditions, steady-state oxidation currents are normally small and decrease with time due to build-up of an inhibiting species from the HCOOH or intermediates involved in its oxidation. The competitive effects of Hg and CH3CN are different insofar as a given extent of surface blocking causes different effects on the formic acid oxidation current. Comparative experiments on the effect of CH3CN on methanol oxidation are described. (Modified author abstract)

Descriptors :   *Catalysis, *Oxidation, *Electrochemistry, *Formic acid, Polarographic analysis, Acetonitrile, Mercury, Catalysts, Impurities, Surface chemistry, Canada

Subject Categories : Physical Chemistry

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