Accession Number : AD0783374

Title :   Zero-Field Paramagnetic Resonance of Trivalent Gadolinium in Several Lanthanon (sic) Tris (Ethylsulfate) Nonahydrates and Nonadeuterates: Determination of Crystal Field and Hyperfine Structure Parameters.

Descriptive Note : Technical rept.,


Personal Author(s) : Bernstein,E. R. ; Dobbs,G. M.

Report Date : 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 81

Abstract : Employing isotopically pure trivalent 155Gd, 157Gd, and 160Gd as guests in dilute mixed crystals of lanthanum tris(ethylsulfate) nonahydrate (La3(C2H5SO4)3-9H2O), it has been possible to determine both accurate zero-field splitting parameters of crystal field origin and hyperfine structure constants due to magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole interaction terms. It is reasoned that the quadrupole hyperfine constant is due, almost entirely, to lattice contributions. The hyperfine anomaly is discussed. A set of crystal field parameters are reported for the first time for 160Gd in crystals of La(C2H5SO4)3-9D2O which differ significantly from those of the hydrate. Variations of crystal field parameters with various lanthanon host ions are also observed. Finally, a few comments concerning zero-field line widths and their measurement are made. (Modified author abstract)

Descriptors :   *Gadolinium, *Hyperfine structure, Electron paramagnetic resonance, Crystals, Interactions, Crystal lattices, Lanthanum compounds, Sulfates, Magnetic dipoles, Hydrates, Quadrupole moment

Subject Categories : Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy
      Solid State Physics

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