Accession Number : AD0784167

Title :   Effect of Some Emulsion Factors on the Relative Evaluation of the Photographic Action of Developing Solutions,


Personal Author(s) : Zelikman,V. L. ; Barro,M. I. ; Logak,P. I. ; Dmitrieva,V. A. ; Severinova,L. D.

Report Date : 16 MAR 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 6

Abstract : The authors observed that the effect of emulsion factors on comparative results of development of photosensitive layers in various conditions is of a more general character and includes not only developers, containing some sensitizing agents, for example polyethylene glycol, but also ordinary developers, not having any special additives. For two mono type photographic films, a comparative sensitometric evaluation of the effect on the kinetics of the development was carried out in 3 different developers. Curves of kinetics of development of the films are shown. The data indicate that there is no possibility of single-valued relation of sensitometric evaluation of various developing solutions when using any one selected film independently, that is without taking into account the properties and composition of its emulsion. Simultaneously, this indicates also the absence of a general, constant photosensitivity change coefficient for different films when changing from one developer to another.

Descriptors :   *Photographic chemicals, *Photographic emulsions, *Photosensitivity, Photographic film, Reaction kinetics, USSR, Translations

Subject Categories : Photography

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