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Title :   Report on Project Hydrox II.

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Personal Author(s) : Edel,Peter O.

Report Date : 15 AUG 1974

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Abstract : Since the world's supply of helium resources is diminishing, future deep diving operations may depend on substitutes for helium in breathing mixtures. On the basis of its physical constants, hydrogen would seem to be the most promising replacement for helium as an oxygen diluent in breathing mixtures for human exposure to very high pressures. The experimental program involved four volunteer diver-subjects, each of whom was exposed on two separate occasions to 7.06 absolute atmosphere (ATA) for a period of 113 minutes while breathing a mixture of 97%H2-3%O2 for a total number of 24 dives. Each subject was exposed to each breathing mixture twice during the program. During the exposures, a work load was performed by the subjects and performance measurements were made. The subjects' responses to decompression profiles for the three oxygen diluents were evaluated to provide provisional values with regard to hydrogen concerning uptake and elimination time for gas transport in the human body. (Modified author abstract)

Descriptors :   *Hyperbaric conditions, *Gases, *Hydrogen, *Oxygen, Pressure breathing, Diving, Respiration, Decompression sickness, Stress(Physiology), Performance(Human)

Subject Categories : Stress Physiology

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