Accession Number : AD0785670

Title :   New Quality Control Techniques for the Rapid Detection of Foodborne Microorganisms,

Corporate Author : ARMY NATICK LABS MASS

Personal Author(s) : Rowley,Durwood ; Previte,Joseph ; Wells,Roger ; Lampi,Rauno ; Mikelson,David

Report Date : 1973

Pagination or Media Count : 15

Abstract : The potential for the application of radiometry for rapidly estimating the level of microbes in model systems and meat loaf was demonstrated. Initial concentrations of foodborne pathogens (aerobic vegetative cells of Salmonella and Staphylococcus) of 10,000 cells/ml and fewer than 10 cells/ml were detected in model systems by 3-4 hr and 8-9 hr, respectively. The detection time for anaerobic foodborne pathogenic and spoilage cells, originating from spores 100 to 10,000 cells/ml) was about 3 to 4 hr greater than that of comparable numbers of aerobic non-sporeforming vegetative cells. The detection time of the indigenous flora of meat loaf was proportional to the log concentration of microorganisms. Utilizing microcalorimetry, a system was established capable of detecting initial levels of S. aureus of 2 cells/ml TSY in 12-13 hr and 10,000 cells/ml in less than three hr. This technique is not limited to gas producers, and may be applied to packaged foods. Both methods are simple, sensitive, rapid, can be automated and are adaptable to situations where minimally trained personnel must decide whether foods should be accepted, rejected or further tested because of their microbiological quality.

Descriptors :   *Microorganisms, *Bacteria, *Radiometry, *Calorimetry, Food, Contamination, Detection, Quality control, Test methods, Salmonella, Staphylococcus

Subject Categories : Food, Food Service and Nutrition

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