Accession Number : AD0786761

Title :   Technical Reports, 1 May-30 September 1974,


Personal Author(s) : Sellin,Ivan A.

Report Date : 20 SEP 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 99

Abstract : The technical report concerns work performed to date on the projects entitled 'Structure of Highly Stripped Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Chlorine, and Argon Ions' and 'Structure of Highly Ionized Heavy Ions and Associated Collision Phenomena in the MeV/Nuclear Range.' Specifically, accumulated preprints and reprints of articles plus abstracts of work to be published are included, together with a catalog of these items. Reports include: Lifetimes of the metastable autoionizing states of lithiumlike Al(10+) and Si(11+) ions; comparisons with theory over the isoelectronic sequence z = 8-18; Symmetric ion atom collisions at medium energies I: characteristic x-rays; Characterization of charge states of energetic ions in solids from associated K x-ray production; Autoionizing lifetimes of the metastable state in the lithiumlike ions Al(10+), Si(11+), and S(13+); XUV spectra of highly ionized fluorine and oxygen; New lines in the XUV spectrum of heliumlike fluorine; Radiative transitions in two-electron oxygen; Neon K alpha, K beta satellite structure induced by 80-MeV argon-ion impact; Observation of K x-rays from highly ionized states of neon produced by 40 MeV Cl(+7), Cl(+11), and Cl(+13) beams; Charge state dependence of Si K x-ray production in solid and gaseous targets by 40 MeV oxygen ion impact.

Descriptors :   *Stripped atoms, *Gas ionization, *Ion beams, Atoms, Atomic energy levels, Electronic states, Electron transitions, Scientific research, Particle collisions, Ions, X rays, Ultraviolet spectra, X ray spectra, Metastable state, Oxygen, Aluminum, Silicon, Chlorine, Neon, Fluorine, Excitation, Solids, Argon, Sulfur

Subject Categories : Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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