Accession Number : AD0787106

Title :   Radiation-Hardened Operational Amplifier Development,


Personal Author(s) : Notthoff,J. K.

Report Date : MAY 1973

Pagination or Media Count : 104

Abstract : The report describes the development and detailed test results of radiation-hardened linear amplifiers capable of operating in severe gamma and neutron radiation environments. The Motorola MCE 7041F and Texas Instruments RSN 52800 hardened operational amplifiers were tested and characterized in pulsed ionizing radiation environments at dose rates up to 2 x 10 to the 11th power rad(Si)/s and in fast neutron environments up to fluences of 10 to the 15th power neutrons/sq cm The test results show that the MCE 7041F parts are acceptable at fluences of 3 x 10 to the 14th power n/sq cm if input offset voltages in the order of 10 mV can be tolerated. For higher fluences, the addition of a differential JFET input stage is necessary to minimize input offset voltage and current, and to enhance open-loop gain. A successful selection criteria for the JFET input pair has been established. With the hardened JFET input stage and the MCE 7041F, many linear circuit functions can be implemented at fluences as high as 5 x 10 to the 14th power n/sq cm. For functions requiring high accuracy, input offsets must be minimized by sample-and-null or chopper-stabilization techniques. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Transistor amplifiers, *Radiation hardening, Field effect transistors, Radiation effects, Neutrons, Amplifiers, Linear systems, Junction transistors

Subject Categories : Electrical and Electronic Equipment

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