Accession Number : AD0787176

Title :   Sea Water Evaporator Scale Control.


Report Date : 15 JUN 1949

Pagination or Media Count : 56

Abstract : The heat balance equation for the experimental sea water evaporator is developed for atmospheric evaporation, and the overall coefficients of heat transfer are presented. The major components of sea-water evaporator scale are identified. The physical deposition of suspended scale constituents is shown to affect all scale constituents, and to be more greatly influenced by brine velocity than by temperature gradient. The role of calcium sulfate as a cementing agent is discussed. The mechanism of carbonate scale formation is reviewed. A simple modification of present evaporator design is suggested to minimize the formation of carbonates. The velocity of scale deposition is influenced by operating factors other than those which proportionately affect the rate of distillation. It is therefore suggested that the use of 'scaling rates,' - weight of scale per unit volume of distillate, be implemented by scale analyses or by a description of these operating factors in the evaluation of sea water scales. Recommendations for further research are presented. (Modified author abstract)

Descriptors :   *Evaporators, *Sea water, *Heat transfer, *Chemical precipitation, Magnesium compounds, Calcium compounds, Carbonates, Hydroxides, Sulfates, Rates, Distillation, Fluid flow, Chemical composition, Precipitates

Subject Categories : Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Processing

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