Accession Number : AD0787329

Title :   Cutting Behaviour of Tungsten Carbide Taper Pin Reamers and Effect on Surface Integrity of Holes,


Personal Author(s) : Turley,D. M.

Report Date : 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : The cutting behaviour of tungsten carbide taper pin reamers and the consequential effects on surface integrity of holes reamed in a composite structure of aluminum alloy and ultra-high strength steel have been investigated. For satsifactory cutting reamers should have narrow circular lands, whereby a relatively good surface finish and minimal microstructural changes in the surface is layers produced. For these reamers, cutting with a mineral cutting oil produced an inferior steel surface finish in comparison with dry reaming. Reamers having broad circular lands did not cut satisfactorily, and they wore by an attrition wear process; the surface integrity of the holes was affected accordingly. The need for care in finish grinding reamers to size is discussed. Poor grinding practices resulted in unsatisfactory cutting even with reamers having narrow circular lands. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Reamers, *Tungsten alloys, *Cutting, Taper, Holes(Openings), Cutting tools, Grinding, Surface roughness, Surface finishing, Australia

Subject Categories : Fabrication Metallurgy
      Machinery and Tools

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