Accession Number : AD0787365

Title :   Analytical Study of Fluorescent Light Collectors,


Personal Author(s) : Codispoti,Joseph R.

Report Date : OCT 1973

Pagination or Media Count : 22

Abstract : The report describes an analytical study of the light emitting properties of fluorescent cylindrical rods as a function of geometry, material absorption characteristics and pumping source spectrum. The approach taken involved coupling the solutions to two fundamental aspects of the overall problem: (1) the spatial distribution of fluorescent centers generated in the material by a polychromatic pumping source illuminating the cylindrical surface of the rod; and (2) the resulting propagation of the emitted fluorescent flux in the medium by total internal reflection. Analytic expressions for the output flux through the end faces were obtained through the introduction of physically reasonable approximations in the model formalism. The essential dependence of the output characteristics on rod geometry agrees well with the experimental data available. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Illuminated sights, *Fluorescent dyes, Passive systems, Optical sights, Reticles, Illumination, Fluorescence, Plexiglas, Flux density, Optical pumping, Rods, Emission

Subject Categories : Air Condition, Heating, Lighting & Ventilating
      Fire Control and Bombing Systems

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