Accession Number : AD0787869

Title :   Microwave Acoustic and Bulk Device Technique Studies.

Descriptive Note : Interim rept. 1 Nov 73-30 Apr 74.


Report Date : SEP 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 29

Abstract : A monolithic parametric signal processor was developed using zinc oxide thin film transducer structures on an epitaxial gallium arsenide substrate. The overall efficiency of the present device is approximately 30dB greater than obtained for a comparable device constructed entirely of lithium niobate, as a result of the increased linearity of the gallium arsenide and the efficient zinc oxide Rayleigh wave transducers. The interaction region is extremely uniform, as demonstrated by the nearly theoretical performance of the function of pulse compression of 13 bit biphase Barker coded waveforms. Efficient interdigital couplers were made for surface acoustic wave devices on silicon by rf sputter depositions of ZnO, a piezo-electric material, on the Si substrate. A monolithic acoustic surface wave convolver was constructed using this technique and an accurate theory of its operation was derived. (Modified author abstract)

Descriptors :   *Microwave equipment, *Signal processing, *Acoustic equipment, Gallium arsenides, Zinc compounds, Oxides, Transducers, Thin films, Substrates, Rayleigh waves, Surface waves, Acoustic waves, Schottky barrier devices, Monolithic structures(Electronics), Delay lines, Interactions, Silicon

Subject Categories : Line, Surface and Bulk Acoustic Wave Devices

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