Accession Number : AD0921655

Title :   Demonstration of HF Chain Reaction Laser.

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Personal Author(s) : Kepler,C. Edward ; Sadowski,Thomas J. ; Roback,Richard ; Meinzer,Richard A.

Report Date : JUL 1974

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Abstract : A theoretical and experimental investigation was conducted to evaluate the performance potential of the HF/DF chain reaction laser. The program consisted of: theoretical calculations to aid in the selection of design conditions and laser operating conditions, laser power and gain tests of an 8 in. nozzle array, and chemiluminescent emission tests of a 1 in. nozzle segment. The experiments were conducted with a mass heater to preheat the primary flow to temperatures sufficient to dissociate only a small fraction of the fluorine molecules to F-atoms, which initiate the chain reaction, and preclude lasing solely under 'cold' reaction conditions. On the basis of the experimental results achieved under this program and reported herein, it was concluded that continuous-wave chain-reaction laser emission from HF was achieved for the first time. This conclusion is supported by the achievement of laser specific power equal to 3.7 kj/gm F-atom on which emission was observed on transitions up the 5th vibrational level, at laser cavity pressures up to 16 torr, over extraction lengths up to 23 cm, and by emission spectroscopy measurements performed on a segment of the above nozzle which indicated that the chain reaction had proceeded to a significant, extent for the above operating conditions. A maximum average laser power of 3.9 kw was achieved during these tests.

Descriptors :   (*Chemical lasers, Hydrogen fluoride), (*Gas dynamic lasers, High power), (*Infrared lasers, Continuous waves), (*Molecular spectroscopy, Diatomic molecules), Laser cavities, Mirrors, Infrared radiation, Vibrational spectra, Electron transitions, Pressure, Gain, Supersonic nozzles, Diffusers, Molecular energy levels, Population, Distribution, Feasibility studies, Deuterium compounds, Emission spectra, Hydrogen, Fluorine, Reaction kinetics, Computer programs, Digital computers

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      Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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