Accession Number : ADA004184

Title :   A Study of Very High Altitude Maneuvers Using Aerodynamic Forces. Volume III. On the Use of Aerodynamic Forces to Effect Maneuvers of Orbiting Vehicles.

Descriptive Note : Final rept. 2 Jan 71-2 Jan 74,


Personal Author(s) : Busemann,Adolf ; Culp,Robert D. ; Yang,Ching-Yew

Report Date : SEP 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 97

Abstract : The problem of using aerodynamic forces, or a combination of aerodynamic forces and propulsive force to effect orbital changes and other maneuvers of a low altitude orbiting vehicle is considered. The aerodynamic forces involved, which include both lift and drag, vary in magnitude from small compared with the gravitational force at the original orbit to very much larger than the gravitational force when the vehicle dips into the denser atmosphere for brief intervals. Separate Poisson series solutions in terms of a small parameter are obtained for the aerodynamically perturbed orbit at the original altitude, and the gravitationally perturbed trajectory in the denser portion of the skip. A directly matched asymptotic expansion for the two regimes is developed. This composite solution is checked against exact numerical integration with good results.

Descriptors :   *Aerospace craft, *Aerodynamic forces, *Transfer trajectories, Circular orbits, Elliptical orbit trajectories, Atmosphere entry, Lift, Asymptotic series, Lifting bodies

Subject Categories : Spacecraft Trajectories and Reentry

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