Accession Number : ADA017121

Title :   Tactical Airpower in NATO Contingencies: A Joint Air-Battle/Ground-Battle Model (TALLY/TOTEM),


Personal Author(s) : Harris,Kathleen ; Wegner,Louis H.

Report Date : MAY 1974

Pagination or Media Count : 116

Abstract : The report is one of five reports describing a study of two hypothetical war scenarios set in Central Europe in the mid-1970s, one with NATO forces on the defensive and one with NATO forces in a limited-objective offensive in response to an East German initiative. This particular report discusses the principal analytical tools used in the course of the study: TOTEM and TALLY. TOTEM simulates two-sided, conventional land warfare at the regimental level of detail. It is a player-interactive device developed at Rand over a period of years and is used for general-purpose force studies. TALLY simulates the conflict between the opposing air forces and embodies a two-sided, expected-value mathematical model of the air war. Illustrative input and output material is included.

Descriptors :   *Warfare, *Land combat, *Aerial warfare, Aircraft defense systems, Antiaircraft defense systems, Close support, Interdiction, War games, Air strikes, Computer programming, Computerized simulation

Subject Categories : Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

Distribution Statement : APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE