Accession Number : ADA017194

Title :   Interaction of Polarizable Particles with an Almost Stationary Wave Network,


Personal Author(s) : Mayer,Guy

Report Date : 03 MAR 1975

Pagination or Media Count : 12

Abstract : In an electromagnetic field consisting of two waves (omega +) and (omega -) propagating in opposite directions, and having frequencies omega + 1/2 delta omega and omega - 1/2 delta omega, respectively, polarizable particles are dragged along in the direction of the (omega +) wave. The stimulated scattering of omega + photons into omega - photons supplies the medium with the energy to be dissipated against viscous forces. Conversely, if the p particles are forced into motion in a strictly stationary field, the ratio of the respective intensities of omega + and omega - will change. It is shown that these 'two-photons drag' effects, which are closely tied to fluctuation in scattering concentration, can be used to measure the number, size and mobility of charged or neutral particles dispersed in a host medium.

Descriptors :   *Electromagnetic wave propagation, Wave equations, Translations, France

Subject Categories : Radiofrequency Wave Propagation

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