Accession Number : ADA019090

Title :   Action and Propagation of the Virus of Encephalitis in the Central Nervous System of Nasally Infected Animals. IVth Communication,


Personal Author(s) : Kawamura,R. ; Kosama,M. ; Ito,T. ; Yazaki,T. ; Kobayakawa,Y.

Report Date : 06 JAN 1976

Pagination or Media Count : 8

Abstract : Nasal infection with encephalitis has already been demonstrated through tests by many Japanese authors, although the findings are a function of the viral dose and the individual response of the animal and other factors. The present report was compiled from two different paths of testing. In the first, the authors prepared serial sections of the brain and cranial bones of the infected mice and examined these as well as the nasal mucosae of infected mice. For the second, the brain of monkeys were removed and large comprehensive sagittal and frontal sections were prepared. The histological findings in mouse and monkey brains indicate that the encephalitis virus enters the cranium by way of the nasal sinus and causes these meningoencephalitic alterations in the brain. It should be stressed that the interbrain and the midbrain are most strongly affected. These chages are noticeable in mice already during incubation. The authors also investigated the presence of the virus in various sections of the mice and monkey brains. The results of these studies are discussed.

Descriptors :   *Japanese encephalitis viruses, *Central nervous system, *Brain, Arboviruses, Experimental data, Monkeys, Mice, Infections, Nose(Anatomy), Pathology, Histology, Virus diseases, Encephalitis, Translations, Japan

Subject Categories : Microbiology

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