Accession Number : ADA019254

Title :   Effect of Peritoneal Rewarming on Renal Function in the Hypothermic Dog,


Personal Author(s) : Patton,John F. ; Hamlet,Murray P. ; Wolfe,Dan L.

Report Date : 25 AUG 1975

Pagination or Media Count : 17

Abstract : Two groups of eight dogs were subjected to an experimentally induced hypothermia of 25 C. One group was rewarmed externally using a circulating water blanket while the other group was rewarmed by peritoneal dialysis. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR), renal blood flow (RBF) and urine flow were reduced while filtration fraction (FF) and the extraction of PAH (EPAH) were increased during hypothermia. Immediately upon rewarming, RBF and GFR remained significantly depressed in both groups when compared to control values. By 12 hours post rewarming, however, the group rewarmed by peritoneal dialysis showed a complete return of GFR and RBF to prehypothermic levels while in the externally rewarmed group these variables remained depressed. The data suggest that peritoneal dialysis is an effective means of core rewarming producing an earlier return of renal function to control levels than the more conventional means of external rewarming. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Hypothermia, *Kidneys, Cardiovascular system, Peritoneum, Heating, Dogs, Dialysis, Cryobiology, Urine, Glomeruli, Blood flow, Clearances, Blood analysis

Subject Categories : Stress Physiology

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