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Title :   Economic Assessment of Nuclear and Fossil-Fired Energy Systems for DOD Installations.

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Personal Author(s) : Metcalfe,L. J. ; Driscoll,M. J.

Report Date : FEB 1975

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Abstract : Costs of electricity and thermal energy (380 F hot water) produced by nuclear and fossil-fired power plants in the 100 Mwe size range for 1985 start-up have been estimated (in 1985 dollars, levelized over plant life). While the PWR/Rankine system was estimated to produce electricity as a sole product cheaper than an HTGR/Brayton plant (30.3 versus 41.5 mills/Kwhr) the HTGR unit was shown to produce Total Energy products more economically than the PWR (25.2 mills/Kwhn and 2.58 $/MBTU versus 30.3 and 2.93). Breakeven fuel costs for comparable fossil-fired steam-electric power plants were found to be about 16 $/ton for coal and 9 $/bbl for oil (approximately 10 $/ton and 6 $/bbl in 1974 dollars); oil-fired gas turbine units were found to have breakeven costs of 18 $/bbl (approximately 10.6 $/bbl in 1974 dollars). Parametric and sensitivity studies were also carried out to examine the affects of size (50-200Mwe), annual cost of money (8 - 12%), plant lifetime (20-40 years) and plant start-up date (1980-1990). It is concluded that the HTGR/Brayton plant is superior to the other nuclear and fossil/Rankine options for Total Energy applications. The fossil-fired gas turbine/total energy system is identified as a strong competitor for the proposed application, and is potentially superior to the HTGR if fossil fuel prices do not escalate prohibitively. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Fossil fuels, *Reactor fuels, *Nuclear energy, Costs, Economic analysis, Cost analysis, Cost effectiveness, Electric power plants, Nuclear power plants, Gas turbines, Gas cooled reactors, Economics, Pressurized water reactors, Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle, Thermal utilization

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