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Title :   II-IV-V2 Chalcopyrites for High Speed Devices.

Descriptive Note : Annual rept. 1 Jun 80-31 May 81,


Personal Author(s) : Wolfe,C M ; Davis,G A ; Hsieh,S Julie

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Report Date : 31 Jul 1981

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Abstract : An open-tube, sliding-boat, liquid-phase system has been used to grow ZnxCd(1-x)SnP2 epitaxially on InP substrates. X-ray diffraction measurements indicate that this alloy grows on (100) substrates with the lattice-matched a-axis in the growth plane and the c-axis in the growth direction. Unintentionally-doped layers have electron concentrations as high as 3 time 10 to the -19th power cu cm with mobility values of about 2,000 sq cm/V sec. These mobility values are substantially larger than have been obtained in the equivalent III-V materials at similar concentrations. Attempts to grow ZnGeAs2 epitaxially on GaAs substrates with a Zn-Ge-AsCl3 and a Zn-GeCl4-Ge-As4 vapor-phase system have met with little success. Although the first system gives good control over the As flux and the second over Ge, reproducible results have not been achieved in either system. Our experience with these methods, however, indicates that most of the reproducibility problems can be overcome with a Zn-GeCl4-AsCl3 reactor. We are currently investigating this method. Calculations are presented on the I-V characteristics of a space-charge limited diode. If the electrons exhibit inertial motion (are not scattered), then they will quickly reach nonparabolic regions of the conduction band. When this nonparabolicity is taken into account, the current appears ohmic rather than exhibiting a V to the 3/2 power behavior, as has been previously supposed.

Descriptors :   *Epitaxial growth, *Zinc alloys, *Semiconductor devices, *Heterojunctions, Cadmium, Tin compounds, Phosphides, Indium phosphides, Gallium arsenides, Germanium compounds, Arsenides, Crystal lattices, Simple cubic lattices, Substrates, Liquid phases, Vapor phases, Melts, Doping, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium(General), Electron mobility, Semiconductor diodes

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      Metallurgy and Metallography

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