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Title :   Proceedings of the Navy Symposium on Aeroballistics (12th) Held at the David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center, Bethesda, Maryland on 12-14 May 1981. Volume I.


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Report Date : May 1981

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Abstract : Partial Contents: Missile Aerodynamics; Aerodynamics of Tactical Weapons to Mach No. 8 and Angle of Attack 180 Deg.; An Inviscid Computational Method for Tactical Missile Configurations; Triservice Data Base Extension of PROGRAM MISSILE; Theoretical and Experimental Supersonic Lateral-Directional Stability Characteristics; Aerodynamics of a Rolling Airframe Missile; Approximate Method for Predicting Supersonic Normal Force Coefficient of Very-low-aspect-ratio Lifting Surfaces; Supersonic Aerodynamics of a Class of Cone-Derived Waveriders; Determination of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Ballistic Projectiles at Transonic Speeds; Store Separation; Study of Flow Fields and Store Forces in Close Proximity to a Triple Ejection Rack at Transonic Speeds; Computer Program for Simulating the Six-Degree-of-Freedom Motion of Missile Debris Fragments; An Influence Function Method for Predicting Aerodynamic Characteristics during Weapon Separation; Submissile Aerodynamics during Dispensing; Gun Launch Dynamics of the Navy 5-Inch Guided Projectile; Dynamics of Subsonic Tracer Projectiles; Thrust Augmentation for Tomahawk Cruise Missile; and Drag Characteristics and Suitability of Three-Foot Long Parachute Decelerators.

Descriptors :   *Aeroballistics, *Symposia, *Aerodynamics, Guided weapons, Jet aircraft, Supersonic characteristics, Hypersonic characteristics, Flight maneuvers, Flow fields, Angle of attack, Aerodynamic forces, Aerodynamic stability, Guidance, Lifting surfaces, Aspect ratio, Coefficients, Computerized simulation, Wind tunnel tests, Cruise missiles, Projectile trajectories, External stores, Debris, Submunitions, Tracer ammunition, Parachute descents

Subject Categories : Aerodynamics
      Guided Missile Dynam, Config & Cntrl Surfaces

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