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Title :   Domestic Swine in Physiological Research. III. Blood Gas and Acid-Base Values of Arterial and Venous Blood from Young Anesthetized Pigs Maintained under Steady-State Ventilatory Conditions.

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Personal Author(s) : Hannon,John P ; Moores,William Y

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Report Date : Feb 1982

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Abstract : The arterial and venous blood gas and acid-base characteristics of anesthetized, young domestic swine were determined under steady-state ventilatory conditions designed to establish arterial P O2 at 100 torr and pH at 7.40. Under these circumstances, mean (N=15) femoral artery values were: P O2, 97 torr; S O2, 94%; C O2, 15.4 ml/dl; pH, 7.399; P CO2, 47 torr; (HCO3), 27.6 mEq/1; and (B.E.), 2.8 mEq/1. Values for pulmonary artery, mixed venous blood were: P O2, 36 torr; SaO2, 51%; C O2, 8.5 ml/dl; pH, 7.335; P CO2, 57 torr (HCO3), 29.6 mEq/1; and (B.E.), 3.9 mEq/1. Comparisons of venous values obtained from various vascular sites (pulmonary artery, anterior vena cava, posterior vena cava, internal jugular vein, femoral vein and coronary sinus) revealed numerous between-vessel differences in blood gas and acid-base status. The arterial characteristics of this anesthetized preparation differed from those of the conscious pig; the anesthetized animal had lower pH, (HCO3) and (B.E.) values and higher P O2 and P CO2 values than the conscious animal. Anesthesia with mechanical ventilation appeared to produce defects in alveolar-arterial gas exchange similar to those reported for other species. The anesthetized pig, nevertheless, can serve as an effective biomedical model for human oriented research. (Author)

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