Accession Number : ADA111983

Title :   Evaluation of Breathing Mixtures to be Used during Decompression for Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Dives,


Personal Author(s) : Edel,Peter O

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Report Date : 31 Jan 1982

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Abstract : One important tool in table computation is shifting inert gasses during decompression. Proper application of this technique may result in the saving of large percentages of decompression time. In the case of a dive involving the use of helium-oxygen on the bottom, the standard procedure involves switching the breathing mixture to nitrogen-oxygen during decompression. In this case, added advantages of improved thermal comfort to the diver and generally better communications from the diver to surface are provided by this switching technique. This technique has been extensively used with very good results in foreign naval and domestic, as well as foreign, commercial diving operations over the past decade and proper application of this technique would provide significant reductions in decompression requirements for and future recomputation of the U.S. Navy Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Tables. It is the purpose of this study to make a mathematical evaluation of various possible nitrogen-oxygen mixtures and optimum depth at which they might be applied during the decompression following a helium-oxygen exposure within the anticipated depth-time requirements of the U.S. Navy.

Descriptors :   *Diving, *Breathing gases, *Decompression, Mathematical analysis, Mixtures, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Depth, Optimization, Air, Tables(Data), Computations

Subject Categories : Stress Physiology

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