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Title :   Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Variance Analysis.

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Personal Author(s) : Pietsch,Roy ; Rasco,William A , Sr

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Report Date : Feb 1980

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Abstract : Analysis and investigations in the area of target classification based upon four-look synthetic aperture radar return were conducted using FLAMR data, to determine the extent to which four-look image plane radar returns may be used to discriminate between tactical targets and natural features. The image-plane data derived from a ground scene by an airborne, imaging Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) often exhibit significant look-to-look variations in the returns from a single resolution element. Examination of various resolution elements, or pixels (picture elements) from a number of doppler beam sharpening (DBS) scans, recorded in flight with the Forward Looking Advanced Multimode Radar (FLAMR) experimental flight test radar system, appeared to show that the returns from some types of man-made objects vary over a greater dynamic range than do the returns from other types of objects. The wavelength of FLAMR was such (.018 meters) that a FLAMR 'high resolution' (20 ft) pixel could contain many prominent scatterers. This, with the overlay ratio (4:1) frequently employed, together with the look-to-look change in aspect angle at the target, lead to the expectation that a noticeable variation in the composite reutrn from a given pixel might occur. This variation could be greater for some types of targets than for other types of a more diffuse nature.

Descriptors :   *Synthetic aperture radar, *Radar images, *Target classification, *Radar targets, Test equipment, Reconnaissance aircraft, Flight testing, Tactical warfare, Aspect angle, Dynamic range, High resolution, Overlays, Targets, Images, Radar, California, Resolution, Pictures, Manmade, Ratios

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