Accession Number : ADA113580

Title :   Collisions of Ions in Gases.

Descriptive Note : Final rept. Aug 75-Feb 79,


Personal Author(s) : Bailey,Thomas L.

Report Date : 31 MAR 1982

Pagination or Media Count : 20

Abstract : This report is a summary description of research carried out under the ONR Project 'Collisions of Ions in Gases'. The work consisted of experimental studies of collisions of low-energy ions (4 < or = E sub L < or = 500 eV) with atoms and molecules, using the ion-beam gas-target technique, and of theoretical and computational studies done in support of the experiments. Three types of experiments were carried out: (a) measurements of relative differential cross-sections for elastic and inelastic (i.e., charge transfer) scattering in collisions of the He(++) ions with Ne, Ar, and Kr atoms, over the ion energy range 8 < or = E sub L < or = 60 eV; (b) kinematical studies of charge transfer in collisions of 30 < or = E sub L < or = 373 eV Ne(+), Ar(+), and Kr(+) ions with H2, D2, O2, and N2 molecules, in which the KE-distributions of the product H2(+), etc., were measured; and (c) measurements of the absolute total cross-sections for the charge transfer process He(++) + R = He(+) + R(+), where R = Ne, Ar, Kr, over the energy range 4 < or = E sub L < or = 500 eV. The experimental results, and their interpretations in terms of appropriate quantum scattering theory (where the latter was feasible) are discussed briefly. The effects of the thermal motions of collision participants (i.e., thermal broadening) in ion-atom and similar scattering experiments were investigated in computational studies, and a new crossed ion-supersonic atom/molecule beams apparatus, designed to remove the thermal broadening effect and to give high resolution in energy and angle, is discussed. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Ion beams, *Collisions, *Charge transfer, *Computations, *Gases, Theory, Helium, Ions, Inelastic scattering, Elastic properties, Kinetic energy, Supersonic characteristics, Low energy, High resolution, Wave propagation, Motion

Subject Categories : Particle Accelerators
      Nuclear Physics & Elementary Particle Physics

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