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Title :   Development of a Locally Mass Flux Conservative Computer Code for Calculating 3-D Viscous Flow in Turbomachines.

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Personal Author(s) : Walitt,Leonard

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Report Date : Apr 1982

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Abstract : The VANS successive approximation numerical method has been extended to the computation of 3-D, viscous, transonic flows in turbomachines. The principal development reported herein is the generation of a cross-sectional computer code, which conserves mass flux at each point of the cross-sectional surface of computation. In the VANS numerical method, the cross-sectional computation follows a blade-to-blade calculation. The VANS blade-to-blade code was developed earlier. Numerical calculations were made for an axial annular turbine cascade and a transonic, centrifugal impeller with splitter vanes. The subsonic turbine cascade computation was generated in blade-to-blade surfaces to evaluate the accuracy of the blade-to-blade mode of marching. Calculated blade pressures at the hub, mid, and tip radii of the cascade agreed with corresponding measurements. The transonic impeller computation was conducted to test the newly developed locally mass flux conservative cross-sectional computer code. Both blade-to-blade and cross-sectional modes of calculation were implemented for this problem. A triple point shock structure was computed in the inducer region of the impeller. In addition, time-averaged shroud static pressures generally agreed with measured shroud pressures. Two principal conclusions are drawn from this research effort: the blade-to-blade computation produces a useful engineering flow field in regions of subsonic relative flow, and cross-sectional computation, with a locally mass flux conservative continuity equation, is required to compute the shock waves in regions of supersonic relative flow. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Three dimensional flow, *Viscous flow, *Turbomachinery, Turbine blades, Cascade structures, Computer programming, Navier Stokes equations, Cascades(Fluid dynamics), Flow fields, Computations

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      Jet and Gas Turbine Engines

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