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Title :   Analysis of Iran's Political Leadership,


Personal Author(s) : Hooglund,Eric

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Report Date : Jan 1982

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Abstract : The present political leadership of Iran that emerges from this analysis can be summed up briefly. Since the revolution an alliance of clergy and religiously motivated non-clerics have succeeded in creating an effective, mass political party which they utilize to mobilize support for their programs. This party, the IRP, dominates politics in Iran. They party in turn is dominated by its clerical wing, although none of the senior clergy of the country have joined the IRP. Since its creation, the lay politicans have been junior partners in the IRP, a fact which is a source of resentment among the more ambitious members. However, at least up to the summer of 1981, the IRP's struggle with a diverse array of political opponents had served to keep its internal dissensions under control. The IRP's victory over all opposition and its consolidation of effective control over all branches of the government have helped to bring to the fore the question of which wing should lead the party, and by implication the government, the clerical or the non-clerical. Just how divisive an issue this may become for the political leaders is not clear. In a very real sense, both the clergy and the lay politicans need each other's support to rule, a fact which is appreciated by some of the elites in both wings of the IRP. Whatever may develop in the future, it can be certain that the IRP, the only genuine mass political movement to emerge out of the revolution to date, will necessarily have a significant role to play and its leaders, be they of the clergy or not, will continue to exercise considerable influence in Iranian politics.

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