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Title :   1,2-Dibenzyl and -Diaryltetradimethylamido-dimolybdenum and -Ditungsten Compounds: M2R2(NMe2)4 (M=M). Structural Effects of Me2N-to-M Alpha-Bonding.

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Personal Author(s) : Chetcuti,M J ; Chisholm,M H ; Folting,K ; Haitko,D A ; Huffman,J C

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Report Date : 07 Jul 1982

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Abstract : From the reactions between RMgC1 (R = CH2C6H5 and CH2-p-tolyl) or LiR. (R = C6H5, p- and o-tolyl) (2 equiv) and 1,2-M2C12 (NMe2)4 compounds in hydrocarbon solvents, the new compounds 1,2-M2R2(NME2)4 (M=M), where M = Mo and W, have been isolated and characterized by a variety of physico-chemical techniques. The new compounds which are air-sensitive, hydrocarbon soluble and diamagnetic, are related to the 'ethane-like' dimers previously characterized for R = alkyl. The compound 1,2-Mo2(CH2C6H5)2(NMe2)4 crystallizes in the space group P21/a with a = 17.595(7) A, b = 16.038(6) A, c = 10.542(4) A, beta = 122.11(2) (o), with Z = 4. Pertinent bond distances and bond angles (averaged) are Mo-Mo = 2.200(1) A, Mo-N = 1.95(1) A, Mo-C = 2.19(1) A, Mo-Mo-N = 104(1)(o), Mo-Mo-C = 100(1)(o).

Descriptors :   *Synthesis(Chemistry), *Chemical bonds, *Molecular structure, Tungsten compounds, Physicochemical properties, Hydrocarbons, Benzyl radicals, Molybdenum compounds, Aryl radicals, Reaction kinetics

Subject Categories : Organic Chemistry
      Nuclear Physics & Elementary Particle Physics

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