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Title :   Albumin Affects Hydraulic Conductivity and Permeability in Hollow Fiber Bundles,


Personal Author(s) : Bruttig,Stephen P ; Rodriguez,Ana L

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Report Date : Jan 1983

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Abstract : This study was conducted as a characterization of an artificial tubular surface to be used as a substrate for endothelial cell culture. Pressure-flow relationships, hydraulic conductivities (CFC) and permeability (P . S) to dextrans (ek, 40k, 70k) were determined for these hollow fiber bundles. Flow was a linear function of applied pressure. Although these tubes offer some resistance to flow, further resistance was a direct function of albumin concentration in the perfusate. CFC's ranged from 1-100 (ml/sec/sq cm/cm H20) x 100,000,000 and decreased in a predictably linear fashion with increasing perfusate albumin content. Reabsorption of filtered fluid also was highly correlated with perfusate albumin content. Finally, this hollow fiber bundle indicated a graded restriction to the permeability of dextran tracers, when perfusate albumin content was raised to 1%, and the effect of albumin on the permeability of these capillaries to dextrans was strongest for the highest molecular weight species. The effect of albumin on CFC appears to be a function of oncotric pressure. This conclusion is strengthened by data on the reabsorption of filtered fluid. Furthermore, the attenuation of 40k and 70k dextran permeability suggests a role for albumin in the regulation of macromolecular leakage from this microvascular model and this may involve an albumin-matrix or albumin-dextran interaction.

Descriptors :   *Endothelium, *Conductivity, *Permeability, *Albumins, Artificial tissue, Capillaries(Anatomy), Substrates, Tissue culture cells, Pressure, Flow, Dextran, Resistance, Perfusion, Concentration(Composition), Absorption, Solutions(Mixtures), Polysulfones

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      Anatomy and Physiology

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