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Title :   Deformation Studies in Workable Superalloys.

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Personal Author(s) : Giamei,A F

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Report Date : 31 May 1983

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Abstract : A three year workability study of nickel-base superalloys has been completed. The objective was to study the high strain plastic flow behavior of high strength superalloys in the form of single crystals, rapidly solidified ingots and consolidated powder particles. The single crystal alloy studied was PWA 1444 (similar to Mar-M200) which had previously been well characterized at low strains. The flow characteristics of this alloy have now been documented out to 20% strain as a function of crystal orientation. The low to intermediate temperature flow stress has been measured after forming. Remarkable strain hardening has been obtained at low strains for high modulus crystals worked below the solvus temperature. Rapidly solidified and cooled ingots were made by arc melting or electron beam skull melting or induction melting and then 'drip melting' into a cold copper mold. The compositions and heat treatment were tailored to promote workability. Some of these buttons were heavily deformed in uniaxial compression under isothermal conditions below the gamma prime solvus temperature, and several were deformed in the single phase gamma region. High strains were achieved under conditions of constant displacement rate, true strain rate or energy input rate.

Descriptors :   *Superalloys, *Single crystals, *Plastic deformation, Strain(Mechanics), Strain rate, Plastic flow, Solidification, Quick reaction, Grain size, Grain structures(Metallurgy), Powder metallurgy, Nickel alloy inconel, Strength(Mechanics), Hardening, Dynamics, Crystallization, Heat treatment, Sensitivity, Fatigue(Mechanics), Creep, Stress strain relations, Equations, Gas turbines, Engines, Feasibility studies

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