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Title :   1981 CRC (Coordinating Research Council) Diesel Fuel Low-Temperature Operability Field Test.


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Report Date : Sep 1983

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Abstract : A cooperative experimental program including seven diesel-powered vehicles and eight specially prepared fuels was run at low ambient temperatures to define the low-temperature operability limit for each vehicle-fuel combination. The vehicle fleet consisted of four passenger cars and three heavy-duty trucks. The fuel set included three base fuels of differing cloud points and five additive-treated versions of these base fuels. The vehicle program was run in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, during January to April 1981. Participants of the Coordinating Research Council developed the program plan, provided the special fuels, arranged for the loan of vehicles and instrumentation, volunteered technical support during the running of the program, and prepared the analysis report. Laboratory tests considered for correlative purposes included the Low Temperature Flow Test (LTFT), Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP), Cloud Point (CP), Pour Point (PP), and combinations of CP and PP. Of the laboratory tests examined, LTFT appeared to offer the most promise, although none of the laboratory tests appeared to be completely satisfactory in their present form. (Author)

Descriptors :   *Diesel fuels, *Fuel additives, *Diesel engines, Field tests, Test methods, Low temperature, Automotive vehicles, Trucks, Laboratory tests, Flow, Fuel filters, Plugging, Waxes, Crystals, Fuel lines, Pumping, Fuel pumps, Performance(Engineering), Test vehicles, Limitations

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