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Title :   Computer Program Development Specification for Ada Integrated Environment: MAPSE Debugging Facilities, B5-AIE(1).DBUG(1).


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Report Date : 05 Jan 1983

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Abstract : This document specifies the requirements for the performance and verification of the AIE (Ada Integrated Environment) debugging facilities. It includes descriptions of: (1) the user debug command language; (2) the DEBUGGER (DBUG) subsystem that provides these facilities; and (3) the interface between DBUG and other AIE components, through which debugging tasks are performed. Identification: DBUG is classified within the AIE configuration both as a subsystem and as a CPCI (Computer Program Configuration Item). It consists of the following CPC's (Computer Program Components): Command Processor; Execution Control Procedures; Breakpoint Command Procedures; Utility Procedures; Information Command Procedures; Program Library Access Procedures; and DBUG Database. DBUG provides facilities for dynamic, symbolic debugging of user programs within the AIE. A program is run under DBUG control with user-specified points at which execution is suspended (breakpoints). At such points, the user can examine and modify program variables, trace and modify the flow of execution, and establish additional breakpoints. The user specifies debugging actions via a command language that permits ordinary Ada representations for most program elements. Commands can be issued interactively or stored as scripts for batch mode processing.

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