Accession Number : ADA134182

Title :   Determination of Individual Temperatures and Luminosities in Eclipsing Binary Star Systems.

Descriptive Note : Final rept. 1982-1983,


Personal Author(s) : Campbell,Robert M

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Report Date : 20 Jun 1983

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Abstract : The purpose of this project was to determine the temperatures and luminosities of the individual components of eclipsing binary star systems. The information was gained by UBV photometry of a system at total eclipse and at a time outside eclipse. The light at totality is due entirely to the occulting star, and outside eclipse, both stars contribute fully. A method is derived for subtracting out the light of the occulting star to obtain measurements of the occulted. Systems for which a complete solution (temperature and luminosity of both components) was reached include: TU Camelopardi, TW Draconis, AK Herculis, V566 Ophiuchi, W Ursae Majoris, and AG Virginis. Systems observed only during totality, thus solving only the occulting star, include alpha Corona Borealis and AM Leonis. RS Canes Venatici and TZ Bootes were observed only out of eclipse, and must await further study. Once a solution for a system was obtained, it was presented graphically on a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, and was examined from the viewpoint of binary evolution.

Descriptors :   *Binary stars, Luminosity, Color temperature, Stellar eclipses, Stellar atmospheres, Ultraviolet spectrophotometers

Subject Categories : Astrophysics

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