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Title :   Radiative Properties of a Nuclear Thermal Source Simulator.

Descriptive Note : Final rept. 1 Aug 79-31 Dec 80,


Personal Author(s) : Dudziak,W F ; Lad,P V

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Report Date : 31 Dec 1980

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Abstract : This report summarizes some of the thermal properties of an SAI thermal radiation source (TRS). Its purpose is to illustrate some of the significant time dependent surface fluctuations that do exist in such a radiator which are not present in a nuclear device. These surface fluctuations should be considered in planning experiments, as well as in the interpretation of the collected data. The report also illustrates the courseness of the approximation of the actual source by current computer codes. In these codes each module is represented by a linear array of constant point source radiators along the axis of symmetry of the module. Summarized are the thermal flux, fluence and spectral data derived from two film records of a typical gas filled SAI thermochemical simulator that releases energy through aluminum oxidation reactions. From this summary an estimate is made of the total emissivity of this aluminum oxidation reaction. Also presented in the Annex are preliminary measurements and analysis of thermal data of a liquid oxygen system. These measurements were made during the development tests of this LOX TRS source for the MILLRACE program. Spectral surface measurements show that this source radiates at a significantly higher temperature and may possess a spectral emissivity that differs significantly from the gas module TRS source.

Descriptors :   *Blackbody radiation, *Thermal Radiation, *Simulators, Calibration, Radiance, Radiometry, Radiation simulation tests, Liquid oxygen, Test facilities, Aluminum, Thermochemistry, Time dependence, Surface properties, Computerized simulation, Modular construction, Heat flux, Emissivity, Spectral emittance, Nuclear explosion simulation, Brightness, Peak values, Sources

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