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Title :   Photochemical Energy Storage (Photosensitized Isomerization of Norbornadiene to Quadricyclane by Copper (I) Complexes).

Descriptive Note : Doctoral thesis,


Personal Author(s) : Fife,D. J.

Report Date : 1983

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Abstract : This research has focused on the sensitized photoisomerization step of a solar energy storage system based on the interconversion of norbornadiene (NBD) and quadricyclane (Q). Sensitizers studied in the photoisomerization were arylphosphine complexes of copper(I) halides (Ph3P)3CuX, (MePh2P)3CuX, (DIPHOS)CuC1; X = C1, Br, I and DIPHOS = Ph2P(CH2)2PPh2). The lowest electronic excited state of the complexes can be an effective triplet energy sensitizer as evidenced by a maximum quantum yield of 1.0 with (MePh2P)3CuX. The sensitization mechanism of the L3CuX complexes is proposed as a bimolecular energy transfer process in which energy transfer takes place through the metal centered orbitals. The efficiency of the (MePh2P)3CuX sensitizers is unprecedented by other reported inorganic or organic sensitizers; however, ligand dissociation of the complexes in dilute solutions detracts from their otherwise attractive features. The free ligands undergo rapid photodecomposition and are extremely poor sensitizers of the NBD/Q system.

Descriptors :   *Solar energy, *Energy storage, *Photochemical reactions, *Isomerization, *Dienes, Photosensitivity, Copper, Metal complexes, Halides, Aryl radicals, Phosphine, Ligands, Electronic states, Excitation, Molecules, Energy transfer, Molecular orbitals, Chemical dissociation, Absorption, Electron transitions, Reversible, High energy, Energy conversion

Subject Categories : Radiation and Nuclear Chemistry
      Non-electrical Energy Conversion
      Energy Storage

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